"Custom Dental Websites and Dental SEO designed to powerfully grow your practice."

- Doug Williams

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Dental Website Design

Your focus is on growing your dental practice and you want your dental practice website to help your reach your patient acquisition goals. In dental website design we look first at your business goals because your website needs to be an important marketing tool.

An effective website for your dental practice needs to be much more than a nice looking website. You need a website that will attract new patients to your practice. You need a website that converts lookers into patients. How can you do that with dental website design?

We do this by looking closely at the decision maker looking for your services. We want to focus on attracting high value new patients that are looking for your specialties. Studies have shown that women will typically make 80% of the health care decisions for their family.

Crafting the right design, graphics, message, call-to-action and trust elements are all important elements to effective dental website design.

How do you translate this into a great dental website design? What do potential patients see when they look at your website?

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Who We Are

Are you looking for a small boutique digital marketing agency that has high capabilities with personalized responsive service? Someone that can do much more than build a custom website? Some one that is a business consultant and a digital marketing expert? Someone that understands the dental practice and how to attract new patients. All this at reasonable prices?

Then you have come to the right place. At Doug Williams Digital Marketing you will be working directly with business expert Doug Williams. Doug has an MBA, has successfully run large organizations. Doug has authored 5 Internet marketing books. He built a 15 person web marketing company that serviced the clients of Chet Holmes International and Tony Robbins Business Breakthroughs and then sold off that company.

We have a small web team for building and maintaining our websites. We have contract writers for developing original web content and for writing blog content. SEO and web strategy is done by Doug Williams.

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Dental Website SEO

Dental website SEO or search engine optimization is the science and art of getting your website discovered, analyzed, indexed and then ranked on the search engines.

We provide customized dental website SEO on every website we build. We also provide this service on existing WordPress websites.

This includes keyword research and a SEO plan around the services or specialties that your practice provides. We examine search data and patterns for your specific geographical area to make sure we deliver you the best possible results.

When people search on a search engine, what do they search for? Generally speaking, people search with a definite purpose. They have a question to be answered, information to research or a service that they need. For dental services they may do a general search around Denver dentist, but you get better results when we get more specific.

Local Dental SEO: Our focus on Dental SEO is to deliver great local SEO results by combining your key services with the community or communities you serve.

Multi Office SEO: If your practice has multiple locations, we will create clusters of pages around each location so each location will be ranked well on Google for your key services. If different locations have different specialties, then we customize the content for each location.

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Dental Website Services

Once you get your new website, we are here to help provide ongoing dental website services and help you attract new dental patients. These services are available in either monthly service packages or can be purchased individually.

WordPress Hosting: Website hosting plus we maintain all the WordPress updates and plugin updates. We install and maintain security plugins that defend against hackers. We manually back up the website monthly to our offsite location plus there is Automatic Weekly Off-Site Data Backups.

Website Maintenance: We do regular updates and changes to your website. Typically this includes up to 3 hours of website changes each month and includes doing work on your website such as adding content, adding features such as photo galleries or blogs. This is normally bundled with hosting at a discounted rate.

Website Reporting: We prepare monthly reports tracking key metrics that pulls data from multiple sources and report to you on traffic volume and visitor engagement. We also monitor key parameters for your website using Google Webmaster Tools and go in monthly and fix errors such as Crawl errors found by Google.

Blog Writing: Our writers prepare original blog postings specifically written for your practice. These are posted onto the blog that is located on your website. This is very helpful for SEO purposes and for patient education.

Web Content: Our writers prepare original content for your website either for the initial website launch or for later patient education topics.

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